Croatias Road To FIFA 2010 News Review

Posted on: July 26, 2007


I gues lots of things have been going on lately! Today Eduardo Da SIlva played a full 90 minutes with Arsenal. They played against Niko Kovac’s club Red Bull Salzburg and lost  1-0! Eduaro missed a crap load of goals! Hopefully he will regain his confidence and start scoring. I really want him to succeede!

Slaven Bilic is still waiting on the Croatian soccer assosiation to schedule up another Friendly match sometime after Bosnia August 22nd 2007. The problem HNS said is that they are having a tough time finding an opponent because everyone else already set up their friendly matches…

Portmouth are in the Finals of the Asia 2007 tour tournamnet! They beat Fulham 1-0, the goal was prepared by Niko Kranjcar. It deflected, and Davis easly slotted in the ball.
Portmouth will face Liverpool in the finals on friday! If you want to watch the match click here.

6 Responses to " News Review"

Dont worry Eduardo is still warming up. Also Dennis Niko Kovac Doesnt play for slazburg anymore he plays for hadjuck remember?

Where have you been these past couple of weeks. The deals did not go through with Niko Kovac for Hajduk and Robert Kovac with Dinamo so Niko stayed with Salzburg and Robert signed with Dortmund where Petric signed.

no Hrvtaksa, He was supposed to play for Hajduk but that never happend. He is still playing for Saltburg. I watched the game bewteen arsenal and salzbug. Niko Kovac was deffenantly playing for salzburg.

The reaosn he never went is because their coach, Giovanni Trapatoni didnt want him to leave.

Lots of arsenal supporters were disappointed by eduardo yesterday.Early days but he missed a couple of sitters.No doubt he’ll improve but I’m shocked at how quickly fans turn on their players.My english friends tell me arsenal supporters are the worst for rubbishing their own players, they’re renowned for it.

oh so niko didnt go sryr then lol

Update your thrashed blog already.. you lazy slob.

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