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Niko Kranjcar scores the winning Penalty vs Liverpool

Posted on: July 27, 2007

In the Asian Trophy Final Portmouth and Livepool tied the game and went staright to penalties without going through extra time. Niko Kranjcar didn’t get to play at all. He was subed in the 90th minute just so he can kick the penalty.

Niko Kranjcar went last, and scored the game winning penalty. Torres also played today, he missed a couple chances for liverpool, and he also missed a penalty….so its basically his fault they lost.

4 Responses to "Niko Kranjcar scores the winning Penalty vs Liverpool"

Hopefully redknapp gives Kranjcar a chance to actually play for Portsmouth this year instead of just dropping him in late in the 2nd half.

He probably had niko sub on to take the winning pk to see how he handles things under pressure. congrats to niko for winning the game for them and he didnt even play

kinda sucks that niko doesnt play for portsmought well he doesnt play alot. he only plays like 4 min a match lol he should rlly just move lol

I really think that this season is going to be Niko’s season. At the end of the 0607 season he was good adjusted, end he played good in the pre-season games. Yes, he’s going to be the hero.

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