Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Corluka was given his permit 5 days after he signed for Manchester City

Posted on: August 10, 2007


Corluka had to only wait 5 days befor getting his work permit, while eduardo on the other hand had to wait half a month!

Its probably because Eduardo da Silva is black! Jk, the reason why is simple. Corluka played frequently for Croatia before for his U-20 or U-19 squad.

It really confusing how the english handle the work permit, I assume you have play fr your national team a certain percent to be allowed to play for an english club, or to be able to get a work permit…

7 Responses to "Corluka was given his permit 5 days after he signed for Manchester City"

eduardo isnt black

Eduardo is brown.but oh well =D YA CORLUKA Croatian’s are making names for there selfs. Go HRVATSKA!. and i also heard after 5 years with man city he will go to man utd

i just read on the arsenal website that Eduardo wont play the first game of the FA.. becuase they need to check his ankle or sumthing.they said he injuryed it

i dont think any croats are playing in the first round of epl

They arent. D= sad. but i think corluka will, oh well though later on we will be making names

looks like eduardo will b playing

Rakitic’s goal today.Great start.

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