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Arsenal Is Offering Luka Modric 12 Million Dollars?

Posted on: August 11, 2007

lm001.png ( A Croatian Online News Portal ) Has announced that Arsenal have offered a seriouse offer of 12 million dollars to talented Luka Modric.

Although I have done a little research and found an article written August 9th that Luka Modric will stay in Dinamo until winter. Who should we belive? The media takes football transfers too far sometime. But I hope this really does happen. I would love to see Luka, and Dudu together in Arsenal showing the world Croatia football.

 I will notify more on this story very soon. Keep your eyes open…

12 Responses to "Arsenal Is Offering Luka Modric 12 Million Dollars?"

Coach Ivankovic says the team goals are primarily related to keeping the results on the same level, in keeping with Dinamo’s reputation.

“When I came [here], there was no Europe imperative, even though the dreams always existed. However, we have achieved a lot in a short period. Our goal is to conduct a selection of players on all levels, to improve the A team and promote the players,” said Ivankovic.

On the issue of Luka Modric leaving Dinamo, Mamic was concise.

“Luka is staying at the club until the winter and we are hoping Etto too, who is the only one among players who has a special clause in the contract, related to transfer. We did not have official offers for him, or for Mikic. Arrivals are not planned, but if urgent need arises caused by injuries, we will know how to react adequately,” said Mamic.

Luka Modric to come to Arsenal

Arsenal in talks for Dinamo Zagreb star Modric – August 10, 2007

Arsenal are planning an £8 million bid for Dinamo Zagreb star Luka Modric.

The Daily Mail says Modric’s advisers spent two days in England earlier this week speaking to Premier League clubs, including the Gunners.

The 21-year-old has told Dinamo officials that he would rather stay in Zagreb for now while they are still in the Champions League, but he is a close friend and former team-mate of Eduardo Da Silva, who joined Arsenal from Dinamo last month.

He fits the bill perfectly for manager Arsene Wenger, who claims he is “not sleeping” as he seeks to refurbish his squad before the end of the transfer window.

As a playmaker who can play centrally or on the left flank, Modric would help fill the hole in Wenger’s squad in the wide positions following the summer departures of Freddie Ljungberg and Jose Reyes.

MODRIC will sign arsenal sooon =D

I was told that byuern munich have bought him for 30 million but he will not be leaveing until dinamo is knocked out of the champions league. But not sure if that one is true.

joze no way thats spent 25 million on frank ribbery there is no way there are going to spend that much for someone who plays in the hnl..maybe only shaktar would pay that much as they did make a huge bid for him which was rejected..modric will probably stay with dinamo until winter..there is a good chance he will go to arsenal at winter for 12-15 million euros..

Modric will be at arsenal as soon as dinamo is out of the champions league. This means he should b at arsenal just before the end of the transfer window this august as there is no chance of dinamo beating weder

not so sure about that mate..werder are the favorites but they are not nearly as strong as last year..dinamo lost eduardo and corluka but they still have modric and they bought balaban who is solid..they also have mandzukic who is a very good young striker..ive seen him a few times and he reminds me alot of prso very strong on the ball with good technical skill..that brazilian sammir is also a very good player a little greedy at times though..dinamos biggest probelm is there defense..if they could lose the first leg by 1 goal in germany i give them a fair shot at beating bremen at home..

Diego will tear dinamo to shreads. Not to mention the potency of the bremen fowards. Klasnic(is he playing?), hunt and that hugo almedia. Also they are very solid in defence. Pasanen, fritz, frings as dm and mertersacker. Dinamo will struggle and although i hope they win i predict the tie will b over by the time the two walk off the wederstadion in germany. If dinamo keep within a goal coming into zagreb who knows but it would be a pheonominal acheivement if they did so

frane…i didnt say hes going to was josip lol

On 6th of August 2007 it was reported that Bayern Munich had agreed to a transfer of 30 million euros for the diminuitive Dinamo Zagreb captain. Modrić rejected the chance to join Bayern claiming that he wanted to stay at Zagreb. It is thought that this may mean he is shortly to sign for Arsenal.

he better go to arsenal soon

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