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Could Luka Modric be reunited with Eduardo at Arsenal?

Posted on: October 24, 2007

We’re barely into the second month of the season, but speculation has already begun about who Arsene Wenger might be looking to bring in to Arsenal in the January transfer window.

One player who seems destined to move clubs is Luka Modric of Dinamo Zagreb, the 22-year-old midfielder who was Eduardo’s main provider last season when the striker notched 34 goals in 32 games. To find out more about Modric, have a look at the above interview I found on YouTube.

Modric has been linked with big money moves to both Ajax and Bayern Munich, but if Le Gaffer is interested – and rumour has it that he has made enquiries – then we could see Luka on his way to London in the New Year.

The benefits of reuniting Modric and Eduardo could be fantastic. Despite Eduardo’s massive goal haul last season, Dinamo Zagreb did not stand in his way to move on, but they will put up a bigger fight to try to keep Modric, who they rate as their best player. And Modric himself can put them away, having scored 20 goals in 69 appearances for Zagreb and three in 18 games for the national side.

The club has Modric under contract until 2014, but that is more likely a bargaining tool to force the price up for any potential suitors. There will definitely be more than one club vying for his signature, but Arsenal certainly has the edge on any rivals.

Modric developed an almost telepathic understanding with Eduardo at Dinamo Zagreb, having already played alongside the Brazilian-born striker when they were both on loan at Inter Zarpresic. The duo also are a potent force for the Croatian national team where their uncanny understanding has helped Eduardo score 12 goals in 17 appearances.

But perhaps the most important fact is that Modric and Eduardo are best friends and the way in which Eduardo has been welcomed by Arsenal fans could be the carrot that lures Luka to the Emirates Stadium.

Do you think we’ll see Luka Modric at Arsenal? Have you seen him play at any time? Share your thoughts using our comments section below

8 Responses to "Could Luka Modric be reunited with Eduardo at Arsenal?"

hello guys the site back up and running. hope you guys visit!

i read arsenal, liverpool and chelsea are all after him

but apparantly hes set to go to arsenal

yea i saw that article too. Aperantly both teams want him… Chelsey also wants slaven bilic as their new coach!!

where is everyone?

what happened to the site for all those months??
I just came upon it by chance after giving up waiting for the old site to restart, probably like everyone else they just don’t know this site is up and running again.
Anyway, glad it’s back cause there aren’t many good croatian forums out there.
Anyway, I really wanted modric to go to arsenal up until the last week and a half or so.But with eduardo apparently struggling to get a run maybe it’s best for croatias sake if he didn’t go to them and sit on the bench before euro2008.I mean, what if eduardo doesn’t get games leading up to the tournament, if we make it yet.I’m sure we will but our best striker and the most confident one isn’t getting enough time on the pitch, even though he’s looked good to me.I wish he was at dinamo knocking in 2 a week for croatia’s sake to be honest.A club like arsenal sounds great but the competition is fierce, if you don’t cut it early who knows what will happen?? Niko is finally getting time now but would they have waited a year for him to find his feet at a bigger club?? I just hope eduardo gets more time soon. Cheers

eduardo scored a really good goal yesterday

yeah, great goal.Shame about his cameo against manure though which showed him not to be quite as cool against the big teams in the prem.
Maybe next season for him.

i got modrics autograth today and he is very much a tottenham player who is great

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