Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Ten reasons why Croatia will go to the world cup

Posted on: August 23, 2009

croatia122332There are many reasons why Croatia will go to the world cup. Here are ten reasons why!

Reason # 10 – Croatia has a great squad and team. We play great football, we are technical, quick, creative and pass great.

Reason # 09 – Tradition. We are known as footballing country. The only reason why people know the little country called Croatia is because of football. We are referd  by many country’s as the “Brazilians of Europe.”

Reason # 08 – Team spirit. Our squad has a great atmosphere. It is an honor for a player to represent his national team when he has the red checkered jersey on. Many national teams around world pay their players to play for their country. Not Croatia. No Sir.

Reason # 07 – Coaches and Staff. Slaven Bilic one of Europe’s most talented coach is running the Croatian squad. His branch consists of Asanovic and Prosinecki. All three are members of Croatia’s golden generation that won bronze in 98 and introduced the world to Croatian football.

Reason # 06 – Fans. Croatia has one of the worlds craziest football fans. They consist of very patriotic people! Grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles…everyone…even hooligans! Croatian fans are literally known as the 12th person on the field when a match is being played. A roar of fan chantings unleashes unbelievable  adrenaline to the Croatian squad. Giving them the required lift and motivation to play attractive football.

Reason # 05 – Respect. We respect all teams that we face. We don’t ever estimate our opponent. Every game is played like a world cup final.

Reason # 04 – Family atmosphere and an open mindset. Our squad is like big family, when they get together its like a big band of brothers uniting. Everyone respects each other on the pitch and off the pitch. The relationships between Croatia’s squad  and the coach is not imitated on any other squad in the world. Bilic is like a councilor, players come to him for advice, questions..etc He isn’t divided from the squad but is very much a part of the players personal lives…like a good friend. Every players is on his speed dial.

Reason # 03 – Pressure. We can cope under pressure. We are cool as ice when we play big games. Our best performances come when we have to play to stay alive.

Reason # 02 – Offensive. We have great attacking footballers. Eduardo Da Silva  is the most dangerous fox in the box. 1 out of 3 shots on goal will go in. Luka modric, Kranjcar, Srna and Rakitic provide our forwards with precision passes that makes us lethal when we attack.

Reason # 01 – Pride. Croatia has played lots of matches since their independence from Yugoslavia in the early 90’s. In many matches when a win seemed unlikely Croatian pulled of the impossible by simply playing for Croatian pride and beating tough opponents. In 98 it was beating Germany, and Holland. In 2002 it was beating the Italians even though our squad wasn’t  the greatest. And recently it was beating England at home and in Wimbley. We are considered dark horses when we play. But that is what we like, we like being different. Just like our tablecloth looking jerseys.Pride makes us “Tick”  and therefor pride is our number one reason why we will participate in FIFA 2010.


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