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Luka Modric Interview ( English )

Posted on: July 23, 2007

What do you think about Luka Modric?

7 Responses to "Luka Modric Interview ( English )"

I saw this interview on sbs in Australia a few months ago.

Many people are rating him highly and I think he has promise. I hope he leaves Dinamo soon along with Corluka!

u kno what.. modric will be an arsenal player in the next few days i reckon.. cause ljunberg just left and they are similiar players but modric players more in the middle of the part, and wenger likes modric and has 1st in for modric so i reckon and (hope) that he comes to arsenal soon lol rather then in january

I have a feeling that modric will be a captain for croatia bc he plays with heart and passion just like kovac maybe not anytime soon but i think it will happen. he is an excelent player and i hope he leave for a bigger club.

yea, I agree. Wenger should get Modric now! Instead of January! Croatian media have said on their web sites that dinamo will keep Luka and Corluka untill winter, and then they will be off to big clubs.

i hope he will come to the gunners this summer. him and eduardo together in the epl could destroy most teams. even if he comes in the winter i will be pleased. just aslong as he joins arsenal!

i saw this few months ago to. But he wil join arsenal I HOPE. corluka might leave cuz he didnt renew his contract.

haha — look at all you berks. ‘i reckon he wil join arsnall i hope’. he’s a lillywhite. and your genius manager thought he wasn’t physical enough. he’s not saying that now.

go on, predict me another one.

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