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Fellow Reader Gets Questions Answered

Posted on: March 25, 2007


Malissa Linz, a Brazilian Niko Kranjcar fan has been lucky enough to get her question answered by the one and only Niko Kranjcar! This is what her question was….

” What do you think of the Balkan Super Leage? ” Niko replied and said, that he is not interested in anything like that right now. Maybe in 10 – 20 years he said bceause of economic issues.

Melissa Linz is a dedicated reader of She supported our site since it was only a blog. We here at
want to congratulate Melissa in getting her question picked by Niko Kranjcar. I the editor as a hardcore croatian fan thought this was a cool experince having Kranjcar answering questions.

Mellisa was not the only person whose questions have been picked. Kranjcar has gotten allot of question from many other countrys too.


Why did you move to Pompey? And what’s your best moment in football? – Will Short
I wanted to move on from the Croatian league. Obviously it’s not only up to me to decide where to go. It’s also up to the former club and the club that will pay the most money for the club to be satisfied, but I wanted to prove myself in the Premier League. I believed Pompey had a great start to the season and they had some great international players, and I thought, and still think, it is a great place to be.

Playing in the World Cup.
How did you settled into the Premiership style of football? Also, how does the passion of the Pompey supporters compare to supporters in Croatia? – Maggie and Zoe, Haslemere
It takes time, but it’s not difficult. I think whatever league you go to abroad, you need time to adapt – not only to the style of football but also to the style of life.

It’s pretty similar. Maybe in some parts of Croatia they are even more passionate than Pompey but I’ve seen that the fans at Portsmouth are very passionate about football and about the club. It’s something I am very familiar with.
Would you ever like to come back to Hajduk? – Darko Cvitivic, Split
It’s something I don’t even think about.I went abroad to further my career which is my goal. I wanted to come to the top level and play here. When I start to finish my creer, I really don’t know, but I believe Iam not going to go back to Croatia to play football. Obviously one day to be a coach somewhere, but playing football – my future, my present and my mind is on football here.
What do you think of a Balkan Super League? – Melissa Lins, Brazil
I think it’s not the time yet. We had a lot of problems in the past and at this moment I don’t think it is the time for that. Maybe in the next ten or twenty years it will have to come for the economics and the progress of each league in that area, but I think it should be more Central European. They are good ideas but at the moment I am not a big supported of it.
How did you feel when you were called up to the Croatian national team? – Jade Seaney, Cosham
It’s always an honour. Since you are a kid, you are raised to love your country – your parents teach you about the importance of your country and I always wanted to play football for Croatia so obviously it is a big honour to me.
Considering you play in England, how didi it feel when you beat the English national team with Croatia? – Chris Rowe, Hayling Island
Wonderful! It always feels wonderful when Croatia win – not only against England, it feels the same against San MArino or any national team. You feel proud because you are a part of that and you make people back home very happy.
Who do you think is the best Croatian player of all time? – Ivo Viscovic
Of all time – Robert Prosinecki!
What it is like being compared to such greats as Robert Prosinecki and Zvonimir Boban? – Sasha Pavic
It makes me happy but I think every player is an individual. I would like to be somewhere near Prosinecki. Obviously he is a player that I have always been impressed by and I really like watching him so it is nice to be compared to those kind of players.
Someday I want to visit Croatia. Where is the best place in Croatia for a first-time visiting foreigner? – Miki Yoshimura, Japan
I’m from the capital, so I’m going to say te capital but they have to go on the coast and to the islands. Overall I think Croatia has a lot of beauties that people will enjoy.
Niko, what do you miss from Croatia when you are in England? – Jip van Steenis, Netherlands
The sun! Its’s not good to miss a lot of things but also you get used to where you live and you enjoy it.
What was it like growing up to a famous father? Would you ever plan to ‘pull off a David Beckam’ and come to America? – Kirsten Nuttbrock, South Dakota, USA
It was wonderful and it was easier to get into the sport and cope with the spotlight because you knew that you could be there one day if you did well on the pitch. Being around him, youlearn how to talk to the media and about the fame so getting into the game it didn’t surprise me. It is something I grew up with and it has helped me.

Why not? For sure, at the end of my career if there is an opportunity that is as half as good as he had – one quarter or one sixth as good as he has then yes, of course (laughs)! First, you want to get all your goals in Europe because it has the strongest leagues in the world so, at this moment, for me I’m not looking, but at the end of my career, maybe.

What is the most enjoyable thing in UK? Which do you like more, the Beatles or Oasis? – Nishida Ayako
The football

The Beatles 

7 Responses to "Fellow Reader Gets Questions Answered"

Heeee answered my queeeestion!
Heeee answered my queeeestion!

Well he sounds so sympathetic and cool, and maybe too humble for someone so good!
And being brazilian, and having seen so many great players of ours in Europe gone for good, I kind of understand that maybe not so sympathetic answer about not going back to Croatia to play…

Melissa did you see this article on

Yes, I did! And it is quite a good job this one you’re doing man.
I havent been having a lot of free time nowadays (lots of work, we have a whole factory to raise) but the little spaces i have is to follow Croatia and the players up to Eurocup and the other competitions they’re involved.

By the way, you’ve been updating both?, croatia2008 and croatian11?

No is supposed to be the official site where you read all the articles. Once you read an article on you click “Add Comments ” and it takes you here to add a comment about that particular article.

This page is basically the comment page for

CAN u guyz tell me how kranjcar replys because i want to ask him which club will he play after portsmouth

Hrvatska, these questions were sent to him thru an interview Portsmouth does every month with their players, and last month it was his time.

But you can write to the club and address it to him!
I notice he is becoming more and more popular ou there, with the club supporters asking for him, and more pictures and videos around the internet. Good luck! Here is the address:

Portsmouth FC
Fratton Park, Frogmore Road
Portsmouth – Hants

He answered my question to!!! I was screaming out loud when I noticed my name was on the site! I’m a huge fan of Niko Kranjcar, nice to see fans her to.

(I’m Jip van Steenis)

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