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Croatia 2 – 1 Macedonia ! Game Report

Posted on: March 24, 2007


What a game it has been. Croatia was down a goal the first half. The Macedonians Scored a free kick. Croatia still seemed prtty stable, they controlled the ball nicely but luck wasn’t on their side the first half….

When the second half started the story started to unfold very diffrently.
The Croatians dominated, they had the ball on their side almost the whole time .
There were couple occasions where it seemed Croatia should of been awarded a
penalty or two, but instead we got a free kick, and who else then Free Kick meistro Srna
curved it right to the 90.

After that goal things calmed down, Croatia still had the ball most of the time.
Kranjcar did great, he dribbled the crap ot the Macedonian defenders and had some great
passes and shots on goal. Babic wasted so many opportunities but his touch was beautiful.
Milan Rapaic kind of disappointed me, he didn’t do that much first half, so he was replaced
by Srna who many doughbted but came to be the man of the match. Balaban didnt do that
much shooting on goal, so he was replaced by Igor Budan. Igor Budan did not impress me
that much eather.. He lost the ball on couple occasions, I guess he was kind of nervouse.

Anyway, Srna was doing a great job, he was really everywhere on the field.
He managed to give a sensational pass to Eduardo who whipped the ball right into the net
through the goalys legs.

Overall Croatia proved to be better, they controlled the ball WAY more then the Macedonians.

CROATIA IS STILL 1st- Here are the Group E Standings


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25 Responses to "Croatia 2 – 1 Macedonia ! Game Report"

anyone who agree with me that Niko doesn’t belong in the first 11?
And i said it the whole week Srna is bether than Miki, Miki’s time is gone!

bad match but everyone can happen that

who niko kovac or niko kranjcar…..

Niko Kranjcar did great, his played beautiful..

Kranjcar and Srna are the best 2 players on the team, No way Srna should not start

Niko Kranjcar is a great player, i dont understand how people can criticise such a gifted player who gives us creativity.
For me our best player is Luka Modric, along with Kranjcar and Srna. I also rate Babic, Da silva & Petric.
Excellent win against Macedonia considering we were down 1-0 to a bad keeping error. I think it took alot of character to come back from a goal down, it just shows our fighting spirit where in the past we might not have come back.

@ Dennis

I’m talking about Kranjcar

@ LukaCroatia – if you think Kranjcar doesn’t belong in the starting 11 then you must be missing out on what he’s been doing for our NT. His passing in the middle and his way of controlling the play is very important to our team. Without him i don’t think we’d be the same. You need atleast 1 player like kranjcar in your lineup to give your side a creative edge. All the big teams have these kind of players, and you dont have to worry about his defensive game, he is an attacking option for us. Him and Modric work well together which is the main reason why we are doing so well since the world cup. So many new players since wc06 and it’s working a treat. Kranjcar is a huge player, and could well be our next Boban.


fuck balaban ,budan olic , the rest!!!!!!!!! forwads

croatia is taking 1st for sure

russia england i say BOTH R GAY FAGOOTSSSSSSSSS

Man what a great win for us. To come back from a goal down shows alot about a team and our team can play and they show so much heart. I told everyone watchin the game with me that it was a mistake starting rapic and I was right srna should have gotten the start. As for kicking kranjcar off the startin 11 u would be crazy if u did that a talented player with freah legs who need to go bc he is just to old know if kovac he can still play but doesnt have the speed. As for modric I was upset by the way he played I didnt see to much out of him this game and Budan should have gotten the start over balaban. But anyways great game and ENGLAND SUCKS.

denis can u put in on youtube so i can see the goals
or on this site by 12 30 todaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 plzzzzzzzzzz

on youtube put it fuck


u make this site and cant post videos of croatia vsmac golas WTFFFFFFFFF

No one made the vidos on youtube yet, im sure someone will have them by tommorow….

on there is alink for soccer videos… they should have it there first

can u put a video u have 1 of your own ?

No not right now, i will post the goal highlight tommorow….

this is the only thing i found for right now…

Ante, are you crazy or just 5 years old?Never seen a man act like this on a site.Go and find it yourself if you’re so desperate or buy the feed.

Yeh Denis dont worry bout this guy!!

Your doing a bloody awesome job on this site, Well done man…

And thanks once again for that jumptv site, i will definitely be using them for the rest of the croatian games 🙂

Kranjcar not good??? Stop smoking that rock..Seriously though, I actually prefer Babic as left back than Simunic. Joe is great but he is really a center-half, not a fullback. Babic brings an attacking style that Joe doesn’t. Babic really helped take the attack up a notch- I don’t think the ball was into our half the entire second-half (even before mac. red-card). Srna was the best- no question. Why he just signed a new contract with Shaktar is beyond me. Great game…

Yea Srna impressed me very much! He was just killing people every time he touched the ball. No one could take it away from him.

Maras yea, I used JumpTV too the quality was amazing for me.. It didn’t studder or anything. I will be using it for every game too…

i think we need to give macedonia some credit here as they outplayed us in the first half..the second half we pretty much dominated but i must admit macedonia ia alot better then i thought..srna was the man of the match but modric was also great for us..modric started so many of our attacks and ran his ass off as usual..i think srna played like a man possesed maybe not being in the starting 11 gave him extra motivation..kranjcar had a bad first half but played much better in the second half..balaban is a waste he falls down everytime someone breathes on him..budan should have played more..he was the one who gave srna that great pass down the wing to free him..oh and one more thing stipe should have saved that goal even though the miki and balaban moved to open up the wall..

macedonia wasnt a piece of cake to beat….but w e did it…

Kranjcar had good moments in the game, You should of seen his dribbles and passes …top knotch

lol, dont worry about ante….. hes just eager to get the info fast

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